Thursday, November 20, 2008

Naruto 425

ARE YOU SHITTING ME? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY FUCKING SHITTING ME!? Is Kakashi really dead? This is bullshit! That better not be the end. How can you kill him in so few pages? This is the most pitiful manga death since Byakuya! Oh what the hell!? I'm so pissed.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

xxx-HOLiC 168 and Tsubasa 203

As I'd mentioned before, the link between Syaoran and Watanuki has solidified tremendously. Watanuki unconsciously blames himself for the deaths of his parents (who were originally only Syaoran's parents, ie. CCS Syaoran and Sakura) and that guilt is what causes spirits to attach themselves to him. However, because of the people he has met who love and accept him, he no longer wishes to disappear. Syaoran, who blames himself for what happened to Kurogane's parents and Fai's twin, receives reassurance and acceptance from the two of them. Therefore both Syaoran and Watanuki can move forward. If both wish and believe strongly, and have others who believe as well, the future can be changed with their own hands.

Maru and Moro are trying their hardest to protect the shop so they, too, can stay by Watanuki's side. They thank Yuuko for teaching them important things. Once again, Yuuko becomes the coolest character ever because little by little, she has taught many important things to numerous people for the sake of others. I really love Yuuko. I want her and everyone to come out of this alive... that would be a good enough ending for me.

Naruto 423

I don't like Pein. I want to see him die a horrible death. And Kakashi better not die... If he dies the fandom will riot. I will quit. Seriously. ;__;

Monday, October 27, 2008

Jigoku Shoujo Mistuganae epsiodes 1-3

Hm. It can't be just me who's noticed an abundance of 'yama' (山) in Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae. The kanji 山 (yama) means mountain.
Ai's new subordinate is named Yamawaro (山童) and he's named after a Japanese mountain demon.
The boy who makes a contract with Ai in episode 2 is named Kitayama Akira (北山 明) and the victim is Yamaoka Seiji (山岡誠次).
The victim/antagonist in episode 3 is named Moriyama Jun (森山ジュン).

Also the victims of the grudges seem a bit more ambiguous than they'd been in previous seasons. The victim in episode 1 was harsh on the outside, but was actually misudged by his student and sent to hell anyway. Episode 3's victim seemed genuinely repentant for her misdeeds, but the interference of her agent may have led the person who sent her to hell to think that she wasn't really sorry. It seems truly unfortunate that the understanding came too late or not at all in both cases and it seems to really take a toll on Ai's host, Yuzuki.

Episode 2 was a little different in that the victim appears to be a bad person, but his wife Mistuko, whom he tormented, disappears after he is gone, and did not seem to want to leave him. It's an example of how delicate relationships are and how rare it is for a person to be truly bad. Many of the people sent to hell really are bad people and have no remorse for the pain they cause others, like the vet who let people's animals die (RAGE!!) or the guy who raped and murdered one client's sister. Akira, the boy who sent Mitsuko's husband to hell, finds a picture of the two of them happy together. Mitsuko's husband may not have always been abusive towards her, and even when Ai takes him to hell, he claims that he was trying to protect her.

People misjudge others and make mistakes, or cause harm when they believe they are helping. The show has always had ambiguous or unclear episodes, or instances where someone was sent to hell who may not have deserved it, but so far, that's all this season's had. No victim this season has yet been portrayed as a really bad person with no redeeming qualities. I'm wondering if it will stay that way.

In addition to that, all the victims and the people who send them to hell are acquaintances of or somehow meet Ai's host, Yuzuki. That seems a bit strange, like how in Sailor Moon, the monsters or whatever always struck somewhere that one or more of the sailor senshi would be. Always. Will that be the case throughout the season?

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae

I forgot how much I enjoyed Jigoku Shoujo until I began watch Mitsuganae (season 3). Then it's like 'oh yeah... this show was awesome...' Hehe. I love Ichimoku Ren and Hone Onna: Greatest sidekicks ever. And Ai is so pretty and creepy at the same time...

Hee. I'm glad I decided to watch this again.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Negima 230

I wanna know more about the little boy in Ala Rubra. It's hilarious seeing Eishun get pissed over his great cooking being wasted. There's never enough Al, even in chapters where he's present.

Also, the chick at the end of the chapter, I bet a million dollars that it turns out to be Negi's mom. Negi's dad this, and Negi's dad that... the kid didn't hatch from an egg! What about Negi's Mom? Not a single mention... ever!?
>__> I bet this 'Princess Arika' is her. Otherwise, she wouldn't be at all important to the plot.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

*kyaaa!* Gin-sama figurine!

Today I got my Suigintou figure in the mail from my dad as a birthday present. Isn't she pretty? I'm so happy! She's a lot bigger than I thought she'd be. >__< I wanna collect all the Rozen Maiden figurines. That would be so awesome...

Anyway, I'm just being a giant dork... A giant happy dork. And I have quiche. The world is good.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If I sigh any more today, I swear my soul will fly right out of me. Seriously. The FOURTH episode of Kuroshitsuji will air tomorrow and I'm still waiting for one of at least two subbing groups to come out with or give any indication of releasing episode TWO.

I reserve the right to complain, bitch, and whine because this is my blog for my thoughts and I'm not pestering anyone but myself and the random expanses of the internet with my screaming and crying and fussing. >__< I WANT KUROSHITSUJI GOD DAMN IT!!!

Also, having the raws for Rozen Maiden Tale 7 is almost as bad as having nothing at all. I can't wait for someone to get to translating that, either. I want to know what Bizarro Jum is up to and what Suigintou's saying to him and what Kanaria's doing and what Jun is doing and what Laplace is up to and what Saitou-chan is thinking and what Kirakishou is laughing about and...

;__; ...this isn't helping either. Maybe something amazing will happen over night. I can only hope...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rozen Maiden ALiBAT

This game is insanely fun and the graphics are fantastic for something I got for free... The gameplay is pretty simple, basic controls being what they typically are for NES and SNES emulators.

I think the best part of the game is the music and sounds. They really put a lot of effort into it. It adds a lot to the atmosphere. It's also fun to hear them scream in voices that you're familiar with...

See what I mean? Watch Shinku vs. Suigintou or Suiseiseki vs. Hinaichigo. I freaking HATE Hinaichigo's piggy bank machine gun things...

Free doujin games with good graphics beat official games with better graphics any day. (See Rozen Maiden: Gebetgarten)

LOL Shinku Mugen-style... And Megaman vs. Kanaria is great, but I wanted Megaman to lose... ;__; Poor Kanaria. Her Partita of Retaliation was awesome!

I have to have something to distract myself from the fact that NO ONE has released Kuroshitsuji 2 yet or I'll go on a rampage...

You can download it from Desuchan.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Naruto 421

Is it honestly a surprise that Akatsuki attacked Konohagakure? Unlike most villianous groups, they actually did something instead of endlessly sitting around plotting and shit.

Good for them.

Also, Tsunade bullies the elderly, Sakura kills a giant centipede that seemed to have escaped from an episode of Inuyasha, and Danzou kills a cute little froggy. That scarred-up old bastard! I hope he gets killed by a frog for great justice.

AND! Are we closer to figuring out the secret of Pein's numerous, sizable black piercings? YES! Thanks to Shizune! Apparently they're chakra receptors and not just hideous accessories. Also, they're still receiving chakra signals even though the ones being studied were taken from the corpse of one of Pein's ppl...

The obvious conclusion is that Pein's people are corpses that he somehow continues to manipulate with all the original body's techniques and such. It's not that hard to figure out. Sasori did it with the corpse of the Kazekage and Kakuzu did something similar by absorbing the hearts of powerful victims.

But don't tell Tsunade and them that, they have to figure it out for themselves...

D.Gray-Man 176 and anticipation...

The anime ended after 103 episodes, but the manga continues! *teary eyes* I've really come to love this series. I love the characters (except the Levoull-somthingorother dude that looks like Hitler) and the comedy and the action...

So yeah, latest chapter has another level 4... I freaking hate those things. They're ugly potbellied and mono-breasted doll-looking things and I find them both creepy and irritating. And they attack nuns and children (shame!). Not to worry, though. Allen and Kanda have some ugly ass to kick the shit out of. And they do. :D
In other news... I think I'm going to explode waiting for the next episode of Kuroshitsuji to come out... Shinsen takes a bit longer than other subbers, but their quality is well worth the wait... even though I'm really REALLY REALLY excited and want to see some mafia thugs die by having tableware thrown at them (in Hi-Def!).

Notice the dude on the right look over as the other two dudes fall over bleeding with silverware sticking out of them... >__<
This is gonna be sweet...

Clampstuffyay! xxx-HOLiC 167 and Mouryou no Hako 1

Downloading Mouryou no Hako 1 from Aero Subs. I'm glad someone finally got to subbing this! (Obviously, I have to see it because Clamp did the character designs, as you can see...)

Aside from that, everything is coming together in Holic and Tsubasa. Watanuki and Syaoran's connection is revealed, as well as Sakura from CCS. Technically, Syaoran (original) is the son of CCS Sakura and Syaoran, but because of choices he made, Watanuki was born too... Yuuko said they were closer than brothers, because, like Sakura's egg from Tokyo, something that should be one became two. It's complicated, but making more sense now... I hope everyone comes out of this well and alive, including Yuuko. Erbear and I agree that she's Clamp's most awesome character ever...

And also, an OVA! From TOW: A two DVD OVA has been announced for xxxHOLiC. The first DVD for this OVA will be released on January 16, 2009 with the 14th Volume of the manga. Another two DVD OVA which will crossover with this one was also announced for the Tsubasa series. Its first DVD will be released in February of 2009. It is not known if the OVA will continue on after the Himawari story arc to the next story arc, or if it'll be an anime-only ending.

Yay! I can't wait!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

(I am in love...) Fall Anime

In the wake of my sadness of Code Geass R2 AND D.Gray-man anime ending, I'm finding new series to watch and read... I am in love with Kuroshitsuji... It is awesome beyond words. It's the one series I am certainly going to watch this fall. I also downloaded the first episodes of two other series that looked good, Chaos;Head and Toradora! (there seems to be an excessive amount in punctuation in this season's series...).

Chaos;Head appealed to my sense of 'fucked up shit is interesting' so I got the first episode. Basically some socially reclusive otaku has lots of delusions and gets wrapped up with recent violent murders and other gruesome events. Also, there are a bunch of girls. Sort of like a harem with blood and gore. I like it okay. None of the characters are immediately endearing (I think the girl otaku is funny), but I'll watch at least a few more episodes. Subs by m.3.3.w

Toradora is cute and funny, a kind of counterbalance to the stuff I usually like... (It seemed especially refreshing after I got finished reading Tokyo Akazukin, which deserves its own entry for sheer fucked-up-ness...). There are two misunderstood people who end up helping each other try to get the affections of the other person's best friend. One is constantly misjudged by his appearance and the other is violent and volatile, but timid and shy when it comes to her crush. And also, a retarded bird. Seriously, it's retarded. As I said, it's a cute show. I like it. ^^ Subs by ggkthx.

Lastly, there is my newest obsession, Kuroshituji (Black Butler). It's about Ciel, the 12 year old head of the noble Phantomhive family and his super awesome amazing hot demon butler, Sebastian. It's hilarious and awesome at the same time... and it has demons. That's more than enough for me. Shinsen does subs, yay. Episode 2 is gonna be awesome...

Tokyo Akazukin was... interesting. I liked it... but I guess that's just me... I've certainly read more disturbing things than that. I personally think the Battle Royale manga was worse. Besides, I love demons and shit, so it was right up my alley.

I also have a sort of 'thing' for messed up Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf... <<

It'll be a good fall... (let's not discuss school, k?)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rozen Maiden, xxx-HOLiC 165

Yeah, so... Not dead. Just busy. School's started up again and I want to do well. That's not to say I haven't been watching and or reading stuff every chance I get (because I do). My latest obsession is Rozen Maiden, something I never thought I'd like, but I'll be damned, I like it. I'm eagerly awaiting new chapters in part 2...

In other news... I KNEW IT! Clow isn't Watanuki's father, but is indeed a relative. I mean, wasn't that obvious? Especially the cooking part.

Anyway, I have an essay to write and then I have to go to work. More later... if I get around to it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Inuyasha 558 "Tomorrow"

It's over. It's really over. And I'll be damned if the conclusion wasn't just about as satisfying as I could hope for... Really. I was pretty happy with the ending, amazingly enough. There was, of course, always my fantasy ending that I'd read in a fanfic or two where Inuyasha and Kagome would be going to see Sesshoumaru's first kid with Rin, but I'm a Sess/Rin fangirl and that's just wishful thinking. Ideally, of course, there'd be a bit more detail about my favorite two characters, but as I said... overall, I was pleased.

Two days ago I'd almost read the whole spoiler at Freelance, but I'd stopped myself. Starks was kind enough to put such a spoiler behind two cuts. Especially since it was the end and I simply could not wait to find out the fate of my beloved characters, I read the chapter at AdInuyasha.

Since it's such a big event, and it's still so fresh, and Freelance's nice scans aren't even out yet, I'll save my summary/pictures/analysis/rambling until a bit later.

I've been in this for a long time... It's such a big part of my life and fangirly-ness, I guess it'll take a while to set in...

I certainly love happy endings, I do... My summary will be fun to write... >_>

Friday, June 13, 2008

Naruto 404

Been a while since I wrote about Naruto, but I have been keeping up with it. Perhaps I should warn about spoilers before I say Itachi died and everything we thought we knew about him was wrong. It's actually kind of sad, really. In the end, he was protecting his emo little brother... Needless to say, Sasuke didn't take that news well... Battling with denial and the fact that his singular goal all this time was basically meaningless, he arbitrarily decides his group Snake (recently renamed Falcon or Eagle, depending on the translator) will take out Konoha... and hey, look, he just joined Akastuki to do this. Hilarious. I knew there was a reason I've always hated him...

But what I really wanted to mention was the fact that I was just beginning to get over Jiraiya's untimely death when the frog sage people show up in Konoha and tell Naruto that he is in fact 100% dead.



This recovery process will be a long one...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Inuyasha... Nearly Over. Seriously.

Well, that hit me like a punch to the gut. That's what I get for falling behind in Inuyasha chapters... It fucking ends. I mean, I knew it was coming... It still seems so sudden...

I'm actually choked up over this... THERE BETTER BE ONE HELL OF A CONCLUSION!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

xxx-HOLiC Kei episode 10

10 is subbed by Naked Xlation. This episode is way out there. I don't know what they're doing. No, what I'm thinking is they'd already had the anime planned out before the Kohane arc reached its conclusion in the manga... In any case, this episode departs a great deal from the original story. Basically, the media situation becomes unbearable and Watanuki (accompanied by Doumeki) fight through a mob of reporters to get to Kohane's house. They find her mother dousing her in cold water to 'purify' her because she was 'tainted' by Watanuki and his food.
He and Doumeki intervene and decide to take Kohane away from her mother. If her mother were even slightly less self-absorbed or obsessive, she would have objected to two strange teenage boys taking off with her daughter, but hey, where's the fun in that? Watanuki takes Kohane to Yuuko's shop where she spends the night. She takes a bath with Maru, Moro, and Mokona and eats dinner with everyone.

Kohane seems significantly happier the next day when she decides that she should return home. Watanuki asks why, and she says that her mother is worried about her. Watanuki walks her home and when they part, he gives her a good luck balloon that he got from the Yumekai. When Kohane gets home, she tells her mother that they can stop this, that they can end it here, and as she says that, the balloon pops.
Later, Kohane is at the house that caused the controversey, where she saw two spirits and the other mediums only saw one. Kohane apologizes to the murdered woman's spirit, who then departs. After that, reporters are mobbing her house again after the woman's remains are discovered and Kohane is proven to be right about the two spirits.
Yuuko and Watanuki hear an announcement made by Kohane's mother to the press that Kohane is retiring from spiritualist activities and do not wish to be bothered by reporters or television shows. Some time later, Watanuki runs into Kohane at Doumeki's temple.
He asks how she's been and she says 'good'. They talk about the woman in the tree and the murdered woman at the house and then Kohane's mother arrives. Kohane starts to walk away and Watanuki stops her to ask what wish she made on the balloon. She said she wished for her mother to stop suffering and be able to relax. Kohane then walks away with her mother who says nothing but puts her hand on Kohane's shoulder.
So it concludes, just like that... And as for next week, it seems that Himawari's secret will be revealed.
Isn't that kind of... sudden? Aren't there supposed to be 26 episodes? What the hell are they going to do with the rest of them? They've just resolved Kohane's story, and I imagine the next two episodes or so will deal with Himawari, but then what? They've removed all Tsubasa references, so what the hell else is left to tell?!