Friday, October 17, 2008

Naruto 421

Is it honestly a surprise that Akatsuki attacked Konohagakure? Unlike most villianous groups, they actually did something instead of endlessly sitting around plotting and shit.

Good for them.

Also, Tsunade bullies the elderly, Sakura kills a giant centipede that seemed to have escaped from an episode of Inuyasha, and Danzou kills a cute little froggy. That scarred-up old bastard! I hope he gets killed by a frog for great justice.

AND! Are we closer to figuring out the secret of Pein's numerous, sizable black piercings? YES! Thanks to Shizune! Apparently they're chakra receptors and not just hideous accessories. Also, they're still receiving chakra signals even though the ones being studied were taken from the corpse of one of Pein's ppl...

The obvious conclusion is that Pein's people are corpses that he somehow continues to manipulate with all the original body's techniques and such. It's not that hard to figure out. Sasori did it with the corpse of the Kazekage and Kakuzu did something similar by absorbing the hearts of powerful victims.

But don't tell Tsunade and them that, they have to figure it out for themselves...

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