Monday, May 5, 2008

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 189 spoilers

Found here (FO post), and here (forum thread), this shocking information is not 100% guaranteed to be the real deal, but nevertheless, I am excited... (and confused...)

Now, there are even MORE Syaorans and Sakuras...? and I'm so confused... ;__; YUUKO, YOUR WORDS ARE CONFUSING ME!

Air Gear chapters 198-203

Sora Scans is back in business, it seems. 198 and 199 are recently out by them. Of course, I have the raws up to 203 because I'm an impatient person.

To sum it up, Kazu gets a small arc to himself. He's really out of it after the Flame Regalia was stolen, since he feels like it was his fault that Spitfire died to protect him and the regalia. Kokuen feels like shit, too, still not quite believing that Iron Clock was still alive and that he was in fact the one who took the regalia.
In his state of depression and confusion, Kazu gets lured into some sort of Satanic orgy cult thing... As it turns out, Ikki's newest part time job is working there as 'Loki' the embodiment of Satan, or something like that... He's surprised to see Kazu there, and, keeping his identity hidden from him, Ikki tells Kazu his heart is frozen. 'Loki' then challenges Kazu to a battle. He tells Kazu that he knows what it is he's searching for and also that he knows who took the flame regalia.

At those words, Kazu heats up, both literally and physically and is more than willing to fight.

As for chapters 200-203, I have only raws, so I can't say for sure what's going on. There are some flashbacks to childhood in chapter 200. In 201, it looks like Kazu does some sort of time trick, like Iron Clock uses. As well as showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, Kazu grabs a bat from some chick and bashes 'Loki' in the head pretty much instantaneously.

After 'Loki' does some insane shit like destroy the monumental statue of Satan and create a tornado indoors, he eventually reveals himself as Ikki and both he and Kazu pull off some awesome stuff that I've never seen before. Again, not sure what's going on between the two except that they go at it like a couple of mad dogs in a fucking awesome battle that is fun even just to look at...

Of course, Emily shows up to root for her Kazu-sama, along with Yayoi and Kokuen. So basically there's nudity, near-nudity, and unreal awesome fighting with tornadoes and explosions and shit.


xxx-HOLiC chapters 152-157 and plight.... ;__;

I thought I would die a while back waiting for 152 and 153 to come out... Poor Kohane. I want to know why Watanuki is the only one with enough damn sense to stop crazy people from beating up on that child! What is this 'plight' I speak of, you ask? We'll get to that...

In chapter 152, my man Watanuki busts in and takes a beating from crazy mom, including a nasty punch right to the face. He demands that the mother apologize to Kohane-chan. She then has a breakdown and is sent to the hospital, and Kohane goes with Watanuki and Domeki to Yuuko's shop.

In 153, Kohane reveals to Watanuki that everything she's done has been, in the long run, to help her mother, whom she loves in spite of how she's been treated. The mother tells Kohane how much she'd wished for a daughter, and that her wish came true.
Kohane started to see things that others couldn't see, and she began to see a woman always next to her father. She told her mother, and it turned out to be a woman from her father's work. I don't know if that means her dad had an affair, killed the woman, or both. Either way, it would freak the hell out of me...

In any case, Yuuko explains in chapter 154, the mother wished strongly for her husband to be unhappy and that wish, in turn, caused her great unhappiness. Although it is to a lesser extent, it's similar to how vengeance is explained in Jigoku Shoujo. The black stuff enveloping her mother it most likely the result of her wish, and Kohane wanted to save her mother before it got any worse.
155 lightens the mood considerably. Watanuki and Domeki discuss the incident in between orders of onigiri filling. Watanuki tells Domeki that allowing himself to get hit was probably painful for Kohane-chan to witness, but he had concluded that it was the best option to keep the mother from getting arrested or hurting more people. He also admits that no matter what happened, he knew Domeki would still be there. Domeki replies by saying he must have hit his head quite hard. Watanuki gets angry and crushes the onigiri he'd just made in his fist...
Also, Kohane-chan snuggling Mokona is about the cutest thing ever...
In 156, it turns out that Kohane's exorcism powers come from one of Sakura's feathers and that is what she paid Yuuko to erase all bad rumors about her mother, and Yuuko said the price would erase bad rumors about herself as well. Yuuko then takes Kohane's power that came from the feather.

In 157, Yuuko and Mokona note that time-space is starting to fall apart, because the time Kohane received the power and the time that the feathers were scattered don't coincide.

Right after saying this, for a brief, frightening moment, Yuuko's shop flickers out giving way to the vacant lot that it sits on... but Maru and Moro manage to bring it back, at least for now. Sakura's feather is given to Black Mokona (Larg). It is revealed that Larg's blue earring, the one with sealing power, contains other memories, including Sakura's memories of Syaoran, and Watanuki's memories. Evidently, Watanuki gave his memories as a price before the first chapter of Holic even occurred, and that is why he can't remember his parent's names or his own past. He did this 'for the sake of two futures,' as Yuuko says.

157 ends on a happy note (with a smiling Kohane-chan, no less!), so my PLIGHT is not as bad as it could be... NEVERTHELESS, HAVING TO WAIT UNTIL JUNE FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER MAKES 369 SAD!!! >__<

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Code Geass and Holic and Dubbing and Stuff...

I watched the first season of Code Geass when it came out and I liked it, but I wasn't really into it... Out of sheer curiosity, I watched episodes 1-4 of R2, just to see what the hell was going on...

Then I re-watched season 1...

So yeah, now I'm into it...

It's currently licensed and being dubbed and I hate Lelouch's English voice. He's played by Johnny Yong Bosch and while I don't think his is a bad voice, I really don't think he does Lelouch justice. I think he did great as Vash (Trigun), but I don't think his voice is powerful enough to do Lelouch.

View trailers here.

While I'm on the subject, I don't particularly like Yuuko's English voice either. It's not bad (she did Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist). It's actually pretty good, as far as dubbing goes. I just think they could have found a more mature voice... I dunno. Maybe I'm just picky... That must be it.
Funimation's has done a pretty good job with dubbing, in my opinion. I really liked Fruits Basket's dubbing.

Watanuki's English voice is pretty funny, though... I imagine he's a hard character to do, what with all the outbursts and screaming and swooning, etc... Even funnier, something I had not realized was the fact that Lelouch and Watanuki have the same Japanese seiyuu, Jun Fukuyama. What a coincidence... (or is it? You know what Yuuko says about that...)

View xxx-HOLiC trailers here. The Funimation Holic/Tsubasa site is awesome.