Monday, May 5, 2008

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 189 spoilers

Found here (FO post), and here (forum thread), this shocking information is not 100% guaranteed to be the real deal, but nevertheless, I am excited... (and confused...)

Now, there are even MORE Syaorans and Sakuras...? and I'm so confused... ;__; YUUKO, YOUR WORDS ARE CONFUSING ME!


Anonymous said...

That would make a lot of sense. Seishiro's comment on how Syaoran is like his real father (CCS Syaoran's father is dead), how he can use the sword and Shourai spells (because it is a cinch he's not CCS Syaoran after the recent chapters anyway)

sanrokukyuu said...

It makes a bit more sense with the pictures... Still, it seems like Clamp is going out of their way to make this as confusing as possible...