Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If I sigh any more today, I swear my soul will fly right out of me. Seriously. The FOURTH episode of Kuroshitsuji will air tomorrow and I'm still waiting for one of at least two subbing groups to come out with or give any indication of releasing episode TWO.

I reserve the right to complain, bitch, and whine because this is my blog for my thoughts and I'm not pestering anyone but myself and the random expanses of the internet with my screaming and crying and fussing. >__< I WANT KUROSHITSUJI GOD DAMN IT!!!

Also, having the raws for Rozen Maiden Tale 7 is almost as bad as having nothing at all. I can't wait for someone to get to translating that, either. I want to know what Bizarro Jum is up to and what Suigintou's saying to him and what Kanaria's doing and what Jun is doing and what Laplace is up to and what Saitou-chan is thinking and what Kirakishou is laughing about and...

;__; ...this isn't helping either. Maybe something amazing will happen over night. I can only hope...

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