Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Inuyasha 551

Yep. Naraku the blob's plan was to destroy the village. He was counting on Inuyasha and co.'s compassion for smelly humans and Kikyou's home to save his ass.

Did he forget about Sesshoumaru?

Inuyasha: "Damn you, Naraku!"
Naraku: "Didn't you realize where you were? If you destroy me now, my [shouki blob goo] body will poison the village!"
Sesshoumaru: *attcks anyway* "So what?"

Go Sesshoumaru.

NEXT WEEK! Kagome takes aim and the black shikon jewel and (presumably) shoots an arrow at it... It's supposed to be shocking, but pretty much the only thing that would shock me was if this concluded in a timely manner...

Read 551 now at Adinuyasha. Freelance will have pretty scans up in a day or two, I imagine.

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