Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inuyasha 550

Holy crap! It's officially the final battle. No one has died, yet (except Byakuya and it was such a sad, pitiful death that it only took up half a page). Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru seem to be dealing devastating blows to the giant stinky ball of shouki that is Naraku, who is transforming into something even uglier. Kagome can't purify the shouki around her for some reason, perhaps due to the seemingly pointless swipe Byakuya made at her with his sword before he died, so of course, it won't be over that easily.

So what is Naraku doing? Why, he's floating his giant blobby self to Kaede's village, of course.

So I'm like "WTF?"

I guess if he's going to fight to the death while releasing large amounts of evil poison vapors and goo, doing it over the village where Kikyo lived is the place to do it, right? Inuyasha and his bleeding-hearted companions will probably be at some disadvantage trying to keep innocent bystanders from getting killed, but surely there's more to it than that...?
It seems he has some plan, but as to what the hell it could be that involves a smelly human village, I have no clue.

Props to RT for getting Rin out of harm's way for once. And I loved Sesshoumaru's "..." when Rin gives Sango her gas mask back with a 'thank you'. Of course, the poor child was unconscious at the time so she doesn't know that Sango was about to kill her, but Sesshoumaru sure as hell knew.

Anyway... It seems it really is the end... even so, it may be another 100 chapters before it's actually over...

<_< mu... Until next week...
Read 550 now at Adinuyasha. Freelance is waiting for their magazine to do their nice pretty scans, so it could be a day or two before it's out there. I almost always read theirs, but I'm impatient...

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