Friday, April 18, 2008

D.Gray-Man 156

Yay Bak and Reever are alive! I certainly am fond of the science dudes. (Especially since Bak is so awesome... and he knows it). No major casualties, except Tapp and a few miscellaneous unimportant peoples. And what's this? Cross is going to cooperate with the Hitler-looking dude Le... something or other?!? Wow. Amazing. He must've hit his head.

It was great when he goes "atchoo!" and shoots the still-talking head of the level 4 akuma... "Ooops. I guess I won't be using you for my experiments after all..." (or something to that effect).

Mari and Miranda were all huggy and it was cute...

And Bookman... "I hope my hair hasn't burned off..."
Lavi: "Oh, who cares about your hair!?"
Bookman: "... I care"

And poor Allen's all beat up again. That poor boy... always worn-out and crying. He's such a cutie-pie... Hoshino-sensei should take better care of him. ;__;

ANYWAY, read it online here, good quality from Binktopia. Did I mention there are color pages? Yay color pages!

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