Monday, August 8, 2011

Suzuki Julietta's work

So I read Karakuri Odette out of boredom and was surprised to find I really liked it. Like, a lot. I have trouble saying why. The art style is cute but not breathtaking and the story isn't hilarious or profound. There's something about it that got to me though. I ended up finding a good read without the need for non-stop laughs (though there are quite a few humorous moments), riveting action scenes, epic scenarios, or blood and guts. So without my usual points of interest, what could possibly make it worthwhile? Likeable characters with good emotion. I found it very heartwarming and sweet and I'd read it again in a second.

I also found another series by the author, Akuma to Dolce, that I read and enjoyed quite a bit. It only has nine chapters and is on hiatus but doesn't leave it hanging on such a tormentingly unsatisfying note. I like how the two main characters don't take forever to admit their feelings and the story continues on after they begin a relationship... of sorts. It's something different.

Neither of the two series' scenarios are all that special, either. Robot girl makes friends and learns about human relationships. Humor and emotion ensues without being lofty or heavy-handed. In the other, girl meets demon and they fall in love. Lots of delicious manga-style cake and pastries are involved. What makes them good to me are the character interactions and how relatable the feelings behind them are to me, despite the extraordinary situations.

I plan to read another series by Suzuki Julietta called Kamisama Hajimemashita, which is ongoing. I guess I might mention in a few months, at the rate I'm going now, but whatever.

Here's to shoujo series that, while very clearly shoujo, are a little bit different and all the more memorable for it.

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