Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ao no Exorcist is pretty great, okay?

So I held off on reading this even though the art style looked cool (and honestly, half the stuff I get into is for that reason alone) because lord knows I don't need another long running shonen series dragging me in. I failed at not reading it up to current chapter 25. I like it. It's funny and has some good action. I haven't completely gone crazy over it yet, but I'm a sure a chapter will come along that will get me hooked eventually. Maybe I'm just too easy to ensnare?

Starting to watch the anime now, and it's a slow first episode, but all the extra they added in makes sense.

But, you know, the bleeding priests suddenly bursting into flames in like the first 60 seconds was pretty catching for a weirdo like me, so yay. Another thing for me like.

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